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Cookies usually present on browser in high quantity and sometimes long lasting in time, are used for different scopes: authentication, sessions monitoring, recording and tracking of pages, specific configurations, information about users which log into server, etc.

In order to reach a fare regulation of such device, it is needed to distinguish them, provided that there are not some technical features which make them different according to their finalities. In such direction moved also the same legislator who, according to the dispositions contained into rule 2009/136/CE, has brought the obligation to acknowledge the prior approval and to inform the users about the cookies installed for scopes different from the technical one (cfr. Art.1, paragraph 5, lett. a), Law dated 28th May 2012, nr. 69 which amended the article 122 of the Code).

To the scope of the present action provided, there are two macro-categories: “technical” cookie and “tracking” cookie.

a. Technical Cookies

Technical cookies are those used only for transmitting an electronic communication network, or in the measure needed from the supplier, for an information company service requested by the user” (C.Code Art. 122, par. 1). They are not used for further scopes and they are usually installed by the website manager. They can be divided into navigation cookie and session cookie, which guarantee the standard website browsing (allowing, for example, to purchase or authenticate themselves to reserved areas); analytics cookie, related to technical cookies when used directly by the website manager in order to collect information, in aggregated form, about visitors number and about their way to visit the website; cookies of functionality which allow to the user to browse in function of a selected series of criteria (i.e. language, selected items to be purchased) in order to improve the website service.

For installing these cookies any user’s previous consent is required, while it is an obligation to give the informative according to Art. 13 of the Code, that the website manager, using these devices can supply the most suitable modalities.

b. Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are aimed to create profiles to the user and they are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown during the browsing of the same. In virtue of the particular invasivity of such devices can have in the user’s privacy, the European and Italian Law foreseen that the user has to be suitably informed about the use and express his valid consent. To them refers the Art. 122 of the Civil Code which foresees that “the filing of information into terminal device of a contractor or of an user or access to already filed information, are allowed only if the contractor/user has express his valid consent after been informed through the simplified modalities according to the art. 13, par. 3” (art. 122, par. 1 Civil Code).

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By this kind of application the website manager is allowed to analyse the access details to the website and monitoring the traffic, all though Google Analytics.

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Value: Sink with E-Cover

Arranging, hiding and modelling the Water Zone have never been so simple and pleasant.

An essential project inspired by an unique, time-less concept. Unique products featured by a marked innovative character which blends the extreme functionality with the ability to “model itself” to the user requirements up toc ompletely disappear.




Guides placed along the whole sink which allow to integrate a lot of accessories.


PRISMA-CLEAN: lavelli dal bordo prismatico.

prismatic edge sinks.The Prisma-clean system, which exploits the polyhedric nature of this particu-lar geometry, replaces the classic internal radius, particularly reduced on modern lines products, with prismatic lines which soften the inner area of the bowland make the cleaning easier. An extremely modern character with an exclusive visual impact.



Exclusive suitable components (overflow, pop-up waste, staves and e-cover).Technological components. Modular accessories: with sink they create a WATERZONE which allows to separate and optimize the spaces according to the operations connected to water (PREPARING, CLEANING, COOKING). Exclusive accessories in terms of shapes and materials.



Multifunctional areas from both sides. Preholed area which allows to install alarge accessories range: pop-up waste, pullout shower mixer, compact soap dispenser and foldaway modular staves.


Each detail andaccessory have been designed for harmoniously living in a multifunctional environment.



Realized in the same material.



Waste and overflow are for the first time integrated in the Water Zonethanks to the cover manufactured in the same material.



Pull-out shower with onboard control,an even more professional and practical use.



Guides placed along the whole sink which allow to integrate a lot of accessories

More info


E-Coveran innovative accessory.


Realized with stainless steel plate and silicon, therefore extremely resistant to high temperatures. Fold points guarantee 80.000 cycles use.

A cover, which if needed hides the “untied” bowl or, in closing position,it becomes a rear functional and safe drip edge.

It results easy and comfortable to use and both in opening and closing positions.

It can be installed on under-top models.


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