25 years might seem a long time, but it’s gone by in a flash. On 19 October 1992, we started this crazy, exciting adventure, an extraordinary journey, and we’ve had 25 years of continuous challenges and difficulties, but also immense satisfaction.

Just think about 2000, when we managed to complete the ambitious GPS (Granitek Production System) project, developing an innovative production system that has become our flagship product. It’s a system that still stands out in the international industrial landscape as an example of thoroughly Italian excellence.

There has been no end of challenges, such as our decision in 2008, after having won a respectable place in the Italian market, to start the process of developing our business internationally into new markets and new cultures. And this has been combined with a continuous technological challenge to keep pace with the times and, where possible, anticipate changes and developments, to contribute to the evolution of technologies, and to making them simpler and increasingly interconnected.

Strategies for success in a changing market From here it was: “Evolving ideas“.

It’s been a fun journey, because a company is made primarily by people and for us working as a team has always been one of our winning elements. With the arrival of the second generation at the company starting in 2009, our family is reiterating and strengthening its ongoing commitment to growing this business and the group of people who are part of it.

These are the values ​​that have sustained us for the first 25 years and that will go forward with us into the next 25.

Imagining what the future will be and seeking to create new and better solutions based on our ‘Italian Origin‘.