Curiosity and a desire to surpass limits, without ever feeling satisfied with the results achieved, are what drives our work. Behind each Elleci product is the passion of more than 250 people. Men and women who do their best every day to make sure that our customers’ every need is met.

We are proud of our company’s long history, in which each and every employee has played a crucial role.

Elleci’s success is the result of the commitment and dedication of each member of our team, because it is thanks to our values that the most innovative ideas are born and developed.

The values that have sustained us for the first 25 years and that will go forward with us into the future.

Tenacity, intuition and spirit of innovation helping our customers achieve well-being.

Elleci applies TQM (Total Quality Management), an organisational model ‘based on the involvement of the whole company in achieving the goal’. The company’s entire structure is constantly focused on excellence in all product features and services that are important for the customer. One of the main focuses of the company vision is its workers.

Management has always aimed to transfer this vision to its workers, encouraging them to share and accept the values ​​that this requires and, consequently, each member of the team identifies and appreciates his or her specific role in the company. In this way, everyone has been able over the years to improve their skills, and they have been encouraged to take responsibility and to participate in the creation of the company’s emotional intelligence.