Elleci cucistorie Carla the exuberantThe character of bubbly, vivacious people is often reflected in the environment in which they live.

Carla has always had a huge impact on others thanks to her charming, whimsical nature, thrown into sharper relief by the sorrows she has faced in her life. Even when she found herself alone, Carla didn’t lose heart. Instead, she decided to totally transform her home, starting with her own special kingdom: the kitchen. Her husband always told her that she was wasted being a lawyer and that she should have been a chef. Carla remembers when she still shared her piece of the world with her life partner Emilio. She thinks of him when she cooks.

Elleci cucistorie Carla the exuberant

Carla was able to adapt the kitchen to her new requirements. For example, she decided to use a single-bowl sink, which is simpler and more practical to use. With an interest in the materials used and a taste for soft, elegant lines, Carla was attracted to a type of kitchen that reflects her way of being, that can express all the qualities that make her distinctive.

Elleci cucistorie Carla the exuberantDespite the trials she has had to face, Carla has always fought tenaciously to achieve her goals, and her kitchen has definitely become a symbol of her renewed determination.