Elleci cucistorie Giorgia and Lavinia the innovatorsTo think that the first time they saw each other, they did not have a good impression of each other. Who would have thought that they would have shared so many experiences, passions, lifestyles.

Someone once said that all the people we know always leave behind a little of themselves and take away a little of us. For Giorgia and Lavinia, it was absolutely like that. They started an adventure, sharing the same home and the same university career: both dream of becoming architects. Between them, there has always been a vital exchange of interests and values.

Elleci cucistorie Giorgia and Lavinia the innovators

Lovers of contemporary, minimal design, the two friends have chosen a kitchen that expresses the qualities that unite them: strength, character, pragmatism. The best way to meet your needs is to know yourself well and Giorgia and Lavinia both have very clear ideas. Their practical, down-to-earth way of looking at life meant that they wanted a kitchen that met their expectations.

Elleci cucistorie Giorgia and Lavinia the innovators‘Lavinia and I had never found anything before that we could both be satisfied with, that could make our lives easier. For two demanding people like us, it was not easy to find the ideal sink. The only thing that we still couldn’t share was the kitchen, because of lack of space and practicality. It’s fun to try new dishes together and give free rein to our creativity‘.

Often, to achieve our dreams, we need someone who, like us, shares an idea and is not afraid of change.

Elleci cucistorie Giorgia and Lavinia the innovators quadra sink