Elleci cucistorie Giorgio the progressive Art has always been one of his greatest passions. After dedicating part of his life to others, Giorgio knew that it was now the right time to think about himself a little. Through his determination and drive, he has achieved many of his dreams, including buying a new loft in New York, a frequent work destination.

Giorgio has always loved becoming one with the chaotic and vital streets of the city that never sleeps and at this particular point in his life, he feels just like that: looking for something innovative, challenging, revolutionary. He has reinterpreted his home with a focus on technology, choosing a kitchen suited to his spirit: resourceful, the pursuit of perfection.

Elleci cucistorie Giorgio the progressive

Attention to finishes, detail, is what makes me a meticulous, exacting person. In life, I always try to have the best and I work hard to achieve it. I want everything around me to be just as I imagine it’.

Elleci cucistorie Giorgio the progressive Since he has been spending time in America, Giorgio has been involved in lots of interesting exhibitions where he has met so many special people to invite into his home. His new friends have been entranced by the contemporary, sophisticated design typical of ‘Made in Italy’.

Giorgio has skillfully managed to export Italian style abroad.

Elleci Cucistorie Giorgio the Progressive sirex sink