#cucistories – Patrizio and Marina: the Traditionalists

Elleci cucistorie Patrizio and Marina: the traditionalistsFinding an ally for those daily challenges in the kitchen was not an easy task …

Patrizio and Marina have to cope with the numerous commitments associated with work, home and childcare. Every Sunday morning, the little ones Federica and Mirco, wake their parents at dawn to cook sweet treats together. Still sleepy, Patrizio remembers when he had lots of time for everything. Now his life is full, intense, chaotic: his family, it’s so much better.

The value of family has a fundamental place in Patrizio’s life, so he wants to live in a warm, welcoming environment where he can create the home of his dreams for his loved ones.

Elleci cucistorie Patrizio and Marina: the traditionalists

‘The focus on warm, soft lines and the excellence of the materials make this sink very practical and easy to clean. This is the essential thing that Patrizio and I feel a deep need for’.

Elleci cucistorie Patrizio and Marina: the traditionalistsSince then, as tradition dictates, much to the joy of mummy and daddy, the alarm clock is set for 7:30 am and everyone heads to the kitchen to cook up something delicious.

Elleci cucistorie Patrizio and Marina the traditionalists master sink