Shape, materials
and senses:
the new style
formula designed
by Elleci

Élite Kitchen revamps the kitchen environment with innovative and attractive people-space solutions, inspiring trends in interior design. Exclusive materials, a smart design and elegance are combined in a process of enhancing the product that is imbued in every detail.

Keratek is the star of the premium range: the material is visually attractive and a joy to touch; the beauty of composite sinks is showcased in an intense colour palette enhanced by “mix & match” options of surfaces and finishes, ensuring a personalised result.

State-of-the-art accessories and the power of ergonomics transform the washing area into an innovative workstation concept, showcasing the concept of mixology. Technology and a family feeling shape the collections of elegant mixer taps and total matt black appliances, creating a high-performance setting in which passion and creativity take centrality in the everyday stage.

Elite Kitchen is the new promise of domestic luxury, celebrating individual style and the pleasure of spending time with friends and family.

Every nanoparticle counts

Introducing the ultra-compact material shaped by nanotechnology.
The innovative formula with quartz, micro-ceramics and a blend of acrylic resins revolutionises the standards of beauty and performance of composite sinks: the deep, intense, matt colour is unrivalled; the non-porous surface is resistant and ultra-smooth for an elegant modern look and feel.

The charm
of colour

The hallmark feature of Keratek is its solid, dense, vivid composition and ultra-smooth surface that reveals the fusion of material and colour in six trendy shades: Black, Dark Grey, White, Clay, Sage and Cocoa.


Black, Gold, Bronze and Brushed Stainless Steel: four finishes highlighting the visual appearance of components, mixers taps and accessories, while complementing the style details of the room. Allowing you to enjoy the kitchen as an extension of your home and your personality.

An all-in-one

The product is designed to use spaces through ergonomics and functionality: rational shapes and multiple work levels interact with a whole host of accessories to make life easy in the kitchen and food preparation enjoyable.

A new colour

Pure aesthetic lines and alluring surfaces tick all the boxes for the most refined contemporary interior design. Every detail is designed to integrate into the total look with the other elements of the kitchen, in a family line that combines sinks, mixer taps, accessories and latest generation appliances.

Iconic shapes
excellent materials
and intuitive technology

Sipario is the range of designer appliances to cuddle the senses and explore new emotions every day. The eternal beauty of black reaches the height of matt elegance in all the elements. Ergonomics and modularity inspire scenographic combinations, in family line with matt black hobs.