The kitchen is the place where the family comes together every day. Creating a welcoming, serene, practical and functional space is essential for finding harmony and enjoyment in how we use this part of our home. For this reason, we’ve provided some simple ideas that you can use to create your perfect kitchen.

Ideas for the style of your kitchen

The first step in creating your ideal kitchen is to understand which style you want to choose, one you will see every day, when you wake up in the morning and when you come home from work. This environment often reflects our personality and therefore our taste and marries this with two very important requirements: functionality and practicality. Let’s have a look at three styles that can be applied: classic, design and modern.

Tips for a modern style

modern kitchen

Lovers of the modern definitely lean towards a kitchen with a modern and contemporary style. There is no reason why, this is a choice dictated purely by aesthetics. For a more modern kitchen, we recommend:

  • A white colour, which gives brightness to the entire room and amplifies the space
  • Units with push and pull systems instead of handles, to provide the kitchen with more practicality and elegance
  • A light wood or light gray floor

Tips for a design style

design kitchen

A design kitchen is ideal for those who love the combination of different materials, styles and colours within a space, with the magic of a unique and special aesthetic

  • Combine wood and lacquered colours for an amazing effect
  • Venture beyond standard lines

Tips for a classic style

classic kitchen

For those with a taste for the classic, a kitchen can only have a classic aesthetic. This type of kitchen has a timeless style, which even the passage of years cannot diminish.

  • A white countertop creates a beautiful contrast with the wood and a feeling of elegance
  • To truly bring the environment to life, we have displayed plants and trays of fruit and vegetables

Types of kitchen

Once you have chosen the style of the kitchen, the second step is to identify which type of kitchen best reflects your taste. We currently have several different types:

  • Linear kitchen. This is the type of kitchen most suitable for small spaces, but can also fit larger ones.
  • Kitchen with island. Works especially well if the kitchen opens onto the living area.
  • L-shaped kitchen. Suitable for both large and small environments.
  • U-shaped kitchen. Suitable for both large and small environments.

Which fittings are essential for the kitchen?

It is crucial to know which elements are really necessary for your family’s actual needs. Sometimes we tend to magnify our daily needs and consider quantity rather than quality. Our advice is to buy high-quality products that fit the size of your family. The practical elements that are essential in the kitchen are:

  • Fridge: preferably high-tech and with a high energy-saving rating, with a size that depends on your specific needs.
  • Oven: a classic with static and fan-assisted options. Essential for any person.
  • Microwave: oven with various options to optimise time in the kitchen, especially if you spend little time at home.
  • Dishwasher: with washing and drying options for clean dishes every time.
  • Cooktop: a five burner could be the right middle ground in a 75 cm space, or if you prefer functionality, you can also consider an induction cooktop.
  • Sink: now considered a design element of your kitchen, you can choose the colour you love that best matches your space.

How can I optimise space in the kitchen?

If you don’t have much room to build a kitchen, don’t worry! If you follow these tips and guidelines, you can have a small but practical and functional dream kitchen.

  • Fit an extra drawer on several doors, so you have room to store more things
  • Insert sliding shelves into the cabinets
  • Use the inside or back of a door to hang utensils
  • Hang pots and utensils on hooks attached to the wall
  • Insert baskets under the sink
  • Add shelves to the walls of the room to store cups and glasses
  • Attach containers to the back of the doors to be used as a spice rack