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How many years of warranty are provided for Elleci ovens, cooktops and hoods?

A two-year warranty

Can the waste disposal unit be installed if the dishwasher is already attached to the drain?

Yes, the dishwasher installation kit is also included in the packaging.

Can the waste disposal unit be used for professional purposes?

No, our waste disposal units are certified for a discontinuous domestic use, for an average of 20/25 minutes a day.

Is it possible to wash the cast iron pan supports in the dishwasher?

No, they would damage it.

Malfunctions with domestic appliances – what should I do?

In this case, please read the product instruction manual carefully. If you cannot solve the problem, open an alert to get support.

Elleci Waste Disposal Unit

The video shows you how to install our waste disposal unit

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You could not find the answer you were looking for?
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