Do you sell directly to the public?

No, we do not sell directly to the public. A list of the main national Elleci Points will soon be available.

Are Elleci composite sinks 100% made in Italy?

Absolutely yes, they are made in Italy, of top quality raw materials and components and are designed using traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Which products does the support centre service?

Elleci support centres service all cooktops and ovens in the catalogue,

and support for sinks and mixers is managed directly by us. The Call Centre available for you to contact can be reached on 0773.850011 and is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

If the case is under warranty, will I have the right to assembly?

For cases covered by warranty, assembly by Elleci operators is not provided.

What should I do if there are defects in the product?

If you find aesthetic defects during the installation of the product (within five days following delivery), you can make a complaint to the retailer.

There are some pieces missing from the pack. What should I do?

If anything is missing, you can contact your retailer directly, and he will open an alert.

What should I do if a product is broken and/or damaged during transport?

In this case, you can open an alert within five days directly through your retailer.

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You could not find the answer you were looking for?
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