How many years is the warranty on mixers?

Mixers generally come with a five-year warranty. For some types and for electromixers, the warranty is two years. We therefore recommend you check your warranty booklet for all products.

How do I fix a reduced flow?

This could be caused by a blocked aerator or simply by a little limescale in the aerator. To resolve it quickly, simply unscrew the aerator, clean it carefully and leave it for one hour in water with an anti-scale product, then reassemble.

What can I do about reduced flow or water leaks from the mixer’s spout?

In this case, the problem may depend on the mixer cartridge. To enable us to advise you about what to do, you should open an alert. It may be necessary to replace the entire cartridge or you may simply need to replace the seal.

Water leaks under the mixer?

This can be caused by the mixer hoses. They may just need to be tightened properly or you might need to consider replacing them.

How often should the cartridge be changed in Madeira and Indo mixers?

Every six months or so.

Can the Invisio mixer also be installed on standard composite sinks?

No, but installation on the countertop can be considered.

How big should the hole for the separate Tevere mixer control be?

35 mm, exactly like the mixer hole.

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You could not find the answer you were looking for?
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