<strong>Care</strong> and <strong>maintenance</strong> of your Elleci product
Care and maintenance of your Elleci product
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What should I do about rust stains on a stainless steel sink?

To be able to check product defects, you need to open an alert.

Are there any products that can be matched to the colour of the sink?

Our range of products includes mixers, ovens, cooktops and hoods that can be matched to colour of the sink.

Which type of burr should I use to drill your sinks?

Our sinks can be drilled using a diamond cup burr with a diameter of 35 mm.

How many years is the warranty on sinks?

Our sinks in patented Granitek, Metaltek and Vitrotek come with a ten-year warranty, those in Sintek six years and those in Keratek 20 years.

How can I clean the compact SIR drainage system?

Cleaning the SIR is easier because it only contains a few parts. Simply unscrew the front caps and clean thoroughly with a brush.

Can the electronic SIR operate without mains power?

Yes, the SIR is equipped with a lithium buffer battery with 48-hour autonomy so that it can be used even when there is no mains power.

What is the difference between the traditional drainage system and the compact SIR drainage system?

In addition to optimising the part of the system beneath the sink (compact size of only 5 cm from the bottom of the bowl), the SIR allows you to use all of the space beneath the sink, increase the maximum flow rate of the water (60 litres/minute), and have a sink without an overflow, because it is no longer necessary.

How do I clean under the HSB heat protection plate?

Simply lift the plate for cleaning. The spacers facilitate the positioning of the plate on the sink, keeping it locked in place.

Is there a temperature limit for the HSB heat protection plate?

No, there is no limit.

Are there specific products for cleaning composite sinks?

Elleci has also thought about cleaning sinks, creating a line of specific detergents for sinks and kitchen components. For more details, please consult this page.

How can I fix a sink with limescale?

To prevent and remove limescale, you can use our product developed specifically for our materials, or an anti-limescale product available on the market.

What can I do about stains caused by aggressive treatments on composite sinks?

Unfortunately, this type of problem is described in the instruction manual contained in the pack, and it cannot be resolved and is therefore not covered by the warranty.

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