#cucistorie – Caterina: the Creative

New ways of conceiving space and lines. Sharp, solid lines, marked geometric styles. Rethinking our environment in a modern way can also mean turning the traditional upside-down. Caterina has discovered a way to combine the most innovative aspects with the basics.

As someone constantly striving for perfection and balance, Caterina, a cinema teacher, wants to bring the precision and rigour of a black and white film into her own reality. What this provides is a kitchen that speaks the language of her most secret passions.

‘What I want in my daily life is stress-free moments, a kitchen that can adapt easily to my needs. Something that has a compact design but also gives me the feeling of solidity of the materials. I’m not very good in the kitchen, so I want practical, usable things. Because of my lack of experience, I often scratch or permanently damage my sink. Fortunately, I found just the right solution for me‘.

Now, thanks to my kitchen, I feel like I’m really living in a movie.