#cucistorie – Giovanna and Alberto: the Pragmatists

It is possible to find both innovation and everyday in small gestures. Giovanna and Alberto know this well. They have been sharing a lot of things for a long time, especially since little Aurora was born. The arrival of a child is always a source of great upheaval in the life of a couple: Alberto has now begun to spend time in the kitchen.

And now he’s learning about the problems that many women experience in the kitchen: the lack of space and practicality, how difficult it is to clean the sink. Alberto thought that the challenges he usually faces on his travels to the most remote places on Earth were impossible. He was wrong. But since he discovered his new sink, he has reevaluated the difficulties he still faces scaling those rugged heights.

He needed something simple, functional: easy. As a new father and ‘expert’ cook, he had to try his hand at cooking, learning the basics. His mother always told him as a kid that he would need to learn to help with the cleaning. Alberto never listened to her.

But now Alberto knows how to move easily round the kitchen, and he’s certainly helped by a functional, distinctive design. And he regrets not having discovered it sooner.