#cucistorie – Luisa: the Perfectionist

Luisa has always loved attention to detail, something that must surely derive from her great passion: photography. So, her focus on precise, clean compositions is transposed into her daily life and into her kitchen.

The features you want for your kitchen might vary, but with a little help you can find what you need.

‘I’ve always wanted a practical, usable kitchen, so finely-tuned that it can really reflect my concept of using a kitchen. I am also very careful about my environment, so I want it to be safe and reliable. For me, this sink is not just a tool, it’s a crucial goal to be achieved so I can reproduce what I’ve always wanted.’

Creating a comfortable, personal environment, basically a vital ecosystem to enable her to express herself, was an essential value for Luisa in choosing her new sink.

Be smart: choose what makes you feel good.