#cucistories – Arianna and Fabio: the Dreamers

This is Arianna and Fabio. They have so many shared hopes and dreams. They always wanted to live together. Now they have finally succeeded, albeit after a great many difficulties. It has always been their desire to share not only a home, but a specific concept of living.

A committed environmentalist, after having worked with various associations, Arianna has made the choice to do what she can to safeguard and protect the environment. Environmental sustainability is a value that Arianna absolutely does not want to forgo in her own home. Between one blog and the next, she loves spending time experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen, some of which she might even serve to Fabio.

And Fabio, a devotee and lover of design, appreciates the refined, elegant taste of ‘Made in Italy‘. He is aware of new trends, from the materials used to the new techniques that make the furnishing options more and more innovative. He has always imagined an environment that is both functional and comfortable. Not just a place to live, but a place to be lived.

‘With our new sink, while I wash the strawberries in the basket, Fabio is standing next to me cutting vegetables on the chopping board. He never wanted to help me in kitchen, he always said there was too little space. Now he has no more excuses’.

According to Fabio: ‘Since Best became an integral part of our kitchen, not only have we found a compromise between what we like, but we think about how we spend time differently. It’s convenient and practical to prepare all the foods we want, and we don’t have to worry about dirtying or damaging the sink. We never wanted to cook meat: it was always a challenge to clean up. Now, we don’t have to worry about it more’.

Best has solved all their problems.