#cucistories – Edoardo: the Traveller

‘Something that meets all my needs. That’s what I’m looking for in a kitchen. Something that understands me better than someone’.

Edoardo is a very dynamic person, a perfectionist who knows what he needs and wants his every wish to be fulfilled. And now, he’s finally found what he was looking for.

Edoardo’s life is very hectic, very intense. He is always travelling around Europe and, in between his numerous work commitments, when he has time to spend at home, he’s looking for a kitchen that can handle any everyday issue. Learning how to cook was pretty hard, but now his life has been made simpler.

‘This sink meets all my needs. Especially the quality of the materials and the attention to detail, and a design that is contemporary and elegant but at the same time very functional. Practicality is what I wanted.’

But, with a very dynamic lifestyle, Edoardo also feels the need to relax. To wash away all of his worries, he can use his remote control to adjust the colours to his liking and finally find some much-desired peace. The Ancients were right: colour therapy helps.

What’s more, when he has friends over for dinner, the sink is easy to clean. And if, as usually happens, a colleague drops by, Edoardo is never caught by surprise: he can always ‘hide’ the dirty dishes under the sliding cover and protect the sink from prying eyes. Then he can finally spend an evening devoted to his passion: poker.

The kitchen has never been so exclusive.