#cucistories – Federico: the Workaholic

‘Who made me leave my mum’s place?’. This was a phrase that Federico asked himself hundreds of times a day.

With a new job in a consulting firm, Federico has much less time to devote to looking after his home. In the evenings, he just wants to watch his favorite TV shows and relax. Federico is usually a very strict, meticulous guy: sometimes, he almost prefers not to eat to avoid dirtying the kitchen.

Then one of his colleagues recommended a new sink, with modern lines, soft but elegant. Perhaps this could be just the thing for Federico’s home: multi-accessorised, and even with built-in soap dispensers. The breakthrough might have been when he discovered that in the evening he didn’t even need to wash the dishes, thanks to a handy cover that could easily be used to conceal a multitude of kitchen sins.

‘I come home so late that I barely have time to eat and often I don’t really want to clean up after cooking. That’s why I chose a sink with one tub that fits my needs and, above all, is practical to clean. The cover is really useful, and I can use it as another worktop where I can put pots that are still warm.’

So Federico no longer misses his mother.