#cucistories – Grandma Donatella: the Bold

‘When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for Sunday so I could go with my grandparents to the countryside’. These are Eleonora’s words. Now she is twenty-five and lives in London, where she’s studying to become a journalist. She has always believed in the value and strength of family, despite being so far away from those she loves. When she goes back to Italy, she always goes as soon as she can to see her loving grandmother Donatella. The thing she always loved was big lunches with everyone together. The dishes prepared by her grandmother were moments of pure joy.

But sharing a small space with uncles, cousins ​​and brothers was always a bit tricky. So grandma Donatella decided to revolutionise the traditional concept of a kitchen in her own little space. She decided to have a kitchen that was more practical, more functional, better suited to her daily needs. In a word: livable.

Arianna is grateful for this choice: in the short time she has available, she can now chat with her grandmother without needing to clean the sink immediately after cooking. They don’t have to worry that stains might appear right away.

But Arianna often helps her dry the dishes and they remember the times when she visited more often. ‘Sometimes, Arianna tells me about her plans and her new apartment in England while I wash the things I need to make her favorite dish: risotto with asparagus’.

Cooking has always been a way to share and to reconnect with loved ones. Sharing is too important to be forgotten.