#cucistories – Maya: the Cosmopolitan

Getting back to everyday life after experiencing a taste of the unknown in the Moroccan desert was quite difficult. Maya was looking for something that reminded her of the feelings she had on that journey. It’s difficult to accurately recreate an emotion, a mood, to give it a shape. It’s even more difficult if you want to do it in a household environment, like a kitchen. Interpreting the values that a person protects and nurtures is no small thing. We need to keep in mind what we’re looking for, find out what we need that really sets us apart.

Maya dreams of the warm, enveloping lines of the sands of the Sahara, something that even far away had the scent of home. After all, there is nothing better than feeling part of the world while being in your own home. Maya finally found this connection she wanted so much in her own kitchen.

‘I didn’t think that a kitchen could be able to understand my needs, I suppose because it’s a space that I’ve never truly seen as livable. I think I never saw it properly because I didn’t really have the tools to understand it. Now I can say I finally found what I needed’.

When interior design and people meet, there is an understanding of the language, and a transformation from merely a shared tool to something that is living and vibrant.

At the end of a journey, a new awareness is always achieved.