When the objective is to increase the competitiveness of the production system in our region, there is no way we could not be involved in this call for projects for the international development of SMEs.

This is a very important project that aims to offer grants to support the international development of small and medium-sized businesses from Lazio.

The opportunities offered

2017 International Development Project for the Lazio Region - ERDF ROP 2014 - 2020

This project offers an additional opportunity for all SMEs within the Lazio Region that want to expand not only domestically but also internationally, providing total funding of €5,000,000.00, with €4,000,000.00 funded by the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) for the Lazio Region under the European Regional Development Fund for 2014-2020, and €1,000,000.00 made available from regional resources.

The fund is intended to strengthen all international development activities intended to promote commercial expansion for export, industrial cooperation activities, promotional activities and trade fairs, and the acquisition of specialised services.

Our commitment

One of Elleci’s goals over the years has been the constant improvement of the system of production, with a view to increasingly widespread, structured international development. This is why we are participating in this project and we are enormously proud and ready to be involved.

Another small step on our journey, made with passion and determination.

Description of the project

  • The project covered by this grant application is focused on the Elleci entry into the German market, which currently represents the leading European market in the ‘Kitchen, Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Accessories’ sector.

Elleci has been selling its products on the German market for over five years, but without any great success. As can be seen from the company profile described in the previous points, the company has all the credentials to be able to improve its performance in Germany.

Through a careful analysis of the target country, the company has understood the strategic importance that Germany plays in its international development strategy, and has also determined that the German market is characterised by a typical practice of local kitchen producers and distributors (Elleci targets) cooperating with German operators. So, in Germany, it is not standard practice to import from other countries.


Through this international development project, Elleci has therefore set itself the goal of reaching the German market through the implementation of three main drivers of action.
The first concerns the conclusion of a consulting agreement with a German firm in order to draw up and implement an action plan for Elleci’s entry into the German market. That firm will also be responsible for the creation of a local network of sales agencies for the Kitchen Studios (KS) channel and for accreditation with all of the main German kitchen manufacturers (KM).

Elleci will also be concluding an agreement with a German logistics service provider (Kemena Gmbh) located in Lohne (the main German industrial district, where the main players in the sector are located) in order to create a stock aimed at serving the two main distribution channels:

  • KM – Kitchen Manufacturers
  • KS – Kitchen Studios

The project then envisages the establishment of an on-site Customer Service department in German.

The general objective that Elleci intends to pursue through this project is to become the specialised, consolidated and innovative reference point for the
German market, with regard to the kitchen sink segment. In terms of business objectives, within five years following implementation of the
project, the company would like to acquire a 10% market share in terms of volume in the composite sink market (about 40,000 items), in the middle-high-premium segments.

Financial support received

Through this project, Elleci SpA has the opportunity to obtain a grant of €64,130.36 to be invested specifically in the macro points described above.

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