Technical data
Technical drawings
Accessories included
Dimensions (mm) 1160 x 500
Reversibility Yes
Base (mm) Se top maggiore uguale di 35 base 800 ||| Se top minore uguale di 35 base 1200 (Standard) - Se top maggiore uguale di 40 base 800 ||| Se top minore uguale di 40 base 1200 (Filotop)
Hole for built-in installation (mm) 1140 x 480 (Sopratop), Da disegno (Filotop)
Bowl depth (mm) 217

No accessories included

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With advanced tools and accessories, the sink becomes a workstation, the perfect center of gravity in the kitchen, redesigning domestic behavior for an improved preparation experience. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the moment.


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