100% certified Elleci quality

This certification attests that Elleci composite sinks are:

  • manufactured in Italy;
  • made with Italian semi-finished products;
  • made using natural prime quality materials;
  • made using the company’s exclusive designs;
  • made using typical traditional Italian craftsmanship.


elleci spa certifications

(Verification of products certified compliant with IAPMO will be performed during purchase)

The team of engineers, chemists, researchers and designers designs and analyses each individual phase of production up to the finished product.

  • Design, construction and interior design.
  • Use of high-quality natural materials.
  • Use of Italian semi-finished products and moulding using the patented Elleci GPS system.
  • Elleci internal quality control.
  • Elleci packaging.

Elleci represents Italian excellence in the design of sinks, combining tradition and innovation to create a perfect 100% certified ‘Made in Italy‘ style. From the design of materials and products to all of the steps of the industrial process, the result is huge flexibility in colours, materials, accessories and customisation, colour-matching of environments and coordination with Made in Italy products. This results in high quality standards based on the specific needs of customers and the market.

Attention to detail

‘The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail’ (Charles R. Swindoll)

At Elleci, each design and production process relating to our products is underpinned by an extraordinary attention to detail.

Because we know how much our customers are expecting from us, we do our utmost, committing to guaranteeing constant standards of excellence over time.