Continuous investments in research for new technologies and materials have enabled Elleci to launch an exclusive innovative material with characteristics never achieved before.

KERATEK: the new patented material from Elleci

Ceramic nanoparticles + a mix of 6 innovative acrylic resins

100% water-repellent thanks to the molecular bonds of the new hexavalent acrylic resin. The material is able to form a water-repellent barrier. Stain-resistant: can be cleaned and is resistant to coffee, wine, bleach, fats and food acids. Smoothness: increased thanks to a larger contact angle.

Impact-resistant: the patented Elleci GPS makes it possible to produce a uniform compound, combined with the use of a new hexavalent resin and ceramic nanoparticles. Even stronger, more uniform compound. 30% stronger than the leading competitor.

Smoother and harder: high-density ceramic nanoparticles that eliminate all existing porosity, increasing resistance to scratches. The ceramic nanoparticles fill the gaps in the compound at nano level. Resistance to abrasion: the new compound provides greater resistance to abrasion.

Resistance to thermal shocks: thanks to the compound produced using the new hexavalent resin and ceramic nanoparticles, the final result is more uniform because of an increase in resistance to thermal shocks, more than 50% compared to the leading competitor.

Thermal shock: exceeds the applicable standards.

  • UNI13310
  • IAPMO ANSI Z 124.6
  • Dry-Heat Resistance (Hot Pot 280°)

The material does not fade over time thanks to the UV protection present in the compound.