The power of ergonomics

The new workstation

The sink becomes a workstation; the perfect centre of focus in the kitchen redesigns the home for an enhanced preparation experience

All in one

All the tools are within reach and the workflow is a rational process where the washing and preparation areas create a single seamless space. Specially designed accessories fit into the sink, including retractable kitchen taps and organic waste
disposal units that enhance the cooking experience. A space that can be configured
just how you need, transformed into a dynamic area where actions flow one from another:

The power of ergonomics for an all-in-one workstation.

Modularity and flexibility for infinite solutions in a single space.

Lifestyle is here

With advanced tools and accessories, the sink becomes a workstation, the perfect centre of focus in the kitchen, redesigning the domestic act for an enhanced preparation experience. All that remains is to relax and enjoy the moment.