Kitchen Taps

The best way to clean your kitchen tap and keep it as good as new is to get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning and drying the product. A few steps will keep your tap in great shape at all times.

Kitchen taps must be cleaned using neutral detergents and the use of aggressive cleaners that generally contain harmful substances such as sodium hypochlorite, amino acids, acetic acid or hydrochloric acid should be avoided. Abrasive detergents and foams should also be avoided.

The correct procedure for cleaning is as follows:

Do not spray the detergent directly onto the kitchen tap – always use a soft cloth. Pour the detergent first onto a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.
Leave the detergent to act for the time indicated on the label and then wipe with a damp cloth (soaked in lukewarm water only).
Finish by wiping the tap with a dry cloth. At this point, all residues will have been removed and everything will shine like new.
If limescale deposits are removed correctly, many annoying problems can be avoided. In fact, limescale is not only an esthetic problem, but can also impair certain functions, such as the delivery of water from the tap.

Clean Power Detergent is the detergent specifically designed for Elleci colored kitchen taps.

This detergent cleans deeply and can be used on all colored and enameled surfaces. The product is suitable for daily cleaning of Elleci products.

The correct procedure for use is as follows: – Spray Clean Power on a soft cloth and use it to wipe the surface to be treated.
– Leave to act for a few seconds.
– Clean the surface using a soft sponge.
– Rinse and dry the surface thoroughly using a soft or non-scratch microfiber cloth.

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