Plasma technology
the material

The unending quest to improve what we do so we can bring the culture of material into homes around the world through sustainable innovation and environmental responsibility, for more than 30 years. Our 360-degree expertise combines technological materials and ‘Made in Italy’ design to create unique products designed to reflect every desire.

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  • Does

    This ultracompact material, shaped using the most advanced nanotechnology: quartz, ceramic particles and a mix of innovative acrylic resins are fused into Keratek through exclusive processes that are able to completely fill the internal structure. The zero-porosity surface that ensures maximum hygiene and amazing resistance to staining agents.

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  • Timeless

    The evolution of Granitek’s formulation gives the surface an even more tactile and visual texture, bringing out the best technical qualities of quartz: high resistance to high temperatures, impacts and the most violent shocks. It is also extremely easy to clean. The elegant ultra-textured surface with timeless appeal.

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  • Matt

    Duratek is the full acrylic matt material for the Bathroom.
    The mass-colouring process achieves the perfect fusion of colour and material, creating powerful colour that stands the test of time and an intensity of white that will leave you spellbound.
    The compact, ultra-smooth surface is ideal for a modern, elegant look and feel and guarantees excellent performance in terms of hygiene, care and durability.


Materials and

A new culture of materials gives value to experience, combining sight and touch. The essence of the material is covered in colour, nuance and tone, which become the expressive means to express one’s personality: a surface that tells and is filled with character.