Style and

Essential function, style, elegance and sophistication are the key words to describe the world of Elleci sinks.
A design element in your kitchen, a daily meeting place and the first point of contact with the food preparation area.

New ergonomic solutions, the foundation on which to build a never-before experience.

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Composite sink
textured and ultracompact

With Keratek sinks, colors are more vivid and intense than ever before. An ultracompact surface that is even smoother to the touch. Granitek sinks bring out the characteristics of granite. A textured, tactile and visually interesting surface.


The opportunity to have a state-of-the-art, designer sink available in different shapes and sizes. Elleci’s expertise serving your lifestyle.

  • Inset sinks

    Inset sinks

    Traditional built-in design with the sink overlapping the worktop.

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  • Undermount sinks

    Undermount sinks

    Installation beneath the worktop, available in various sink types.

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  • Flushmount sinks

    Flushmount sinks

    The sink does not have an edge around the perimeter and is inserted in a slot in the worktop.

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  • Overlapping sinks

    Overlapping sinks

    The sink is placed upon the cabinet. Monolithic in shape, it enhances the material and the frontal 3D.

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One station

The intelligent design redefines spaces according to principles of functionality and ergonomics; multifunctional accessories integrated into the station optimize movements, making the preparation experience easy and pleasant.

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