Increasing a product’s life cycle through quality means preventing its obsolescence and thus its disposal. Developing responsible design that facilitates use and maintenance means caring deeply about the daily consumption of resources. Creating wealth in a way that benefits everyone means protecting the balance of the ecosystem every day. Promoting the well-being and development of the community means respecting its roots. Optimizing endogenous resources as a mechanism for growing the local economy means cherishing our own local community. These are the key concepts in Elleci’s way of understanding corporate responsibility, a vision strongly focused on tomorrow. It is a pact with coming generations, for whom the company wants to deliver a planet that is better and stronger than before.


For this reason, all stakeholders in Elleci’s supply chain must guarantee virtuous production practices, aimed at protecting the environment: from energy and water savings, to reducing production waste through total quality management, from the rationalization of packaging in order to reduce unnecessary components to optimized, sustainable logistics.


Water, air, earth and sun (fire) are the elementary principles on which Elleci’s matter is based:










At Elleci, the water used is recovered through a special cooling system and reintroduced into the production cycle. Our goal is to progressively reduce – to zero – the demand for water from the subsoil by fully reusing it without discharging it into the groundwater at the end of the process, optimizing its environmental impact. Even the design of the products, based on a profound knowledge of materials, is driven by a desire to reduce water consumption, without compromising esthetic, functional and hygiene requirements.


In order to significantly reduce the emission of CO2 and all other greenhouse gases, while strictly controlling the company’s carbon footprint, at Elleci we have rationalized electricity consumption through the adoption of state-of-the-art production plants, which make it possible to considerably lower energy supply when they are off load. An LED lighting system has been adopted throughout the company. In addition to maximizing energy efficiency by consuming up to 90% less than traditional incandescent lighting systems, these lights eliminate IR and UV radiation and are less polluting because of their longer lifetime and absence of mercury. Finally, only electric vehicles are used to move materials, semi-finished products and products within the company, adopting a virtuous process of rationalizing logistics routes to further reduce consumption.


Elleci’s focus on resource consumption starts with the choice of raw materials, which are recycled or recyclable. Up to 99% of direct production waste is currently reused for the production of draining asphalts and an alternative use of derivatives to be fed back into the production process is being studied. All packaging used is made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials.
We have implemented packaging volume reduction solutions to reduce the ecological impact in the disposal system without lowering its quality and performance, according to the requirements of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). The company engages each day in actions to preserve and enhance the surrounding landscape, with
the creation of green spaces in areas it owns. We use vertical greenery as a decorative element of buildings, as a testimony to and symbol of a management and production philosophy that is fully integrated with respect for the land we occupy. Respect for the environment is thus transformed into something even more important: working in spaces designed in this way, we become part of nature itself and therefore feel responsible for its fate.


Elleci is introducing the use of photovoltaic kits to produce electricity using sunlight, and these will be installed in the canopies of the new staff car parks and on the roofs of our industrial warehouses. There are plans to set up charging stations in the company’s car parks in the near future to encourage the use of electric cars among employees and external contractors. We have set ourselves the immediate target of exceeding 30% of our energy needs using energy from renewable sources, with a plan to achieve a target of 60% in the medium term.


Elleci is a 30-year success story, drawing on deep roots and preserving its original sense of purpose through the vision of a future characterized by opportunity and development, firmly anchored in the company’s founding values. Even more than a leading international industrial concern, it is a project open to a globalized world but driven by the unbreakable principles of respect for people, cultures and communities.


Our concept of ‘Made in Italy’ has a value that goes far beyond mere production or the choice of raw materials or suppliers. It means belonging to a community, to a place from which we draw the strength and sustenance to grow and expand in markets without boundaries other than those of ethics and esthetics. This is the key to Elleci’s philosophy, based on preservation of a local sense of the company, understood not only as its environment but, more than anything else, the development of the culture and place where we come from as the basis for re-creating a sustainable business every day.


Maximum use of energy production from renewable sources and implementation of the reuse economy, a commitment that has been recognized at Elleci through Greenguard certification from UL (Underwriters Laboratories). This program certifies that all Elleci composite sinks comply with the most stringent standards in terms of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals that can have negative effects on health, contributing to improving indoor air quality by making it cleaner and healthier. Finally, Elleci has obtained ISO 14001 certification guaranteeing integrated environmental management practices, with the objective of protecting the environment, preventing pollution and reducing energy and resource consumption.