We are faced with dozens of logical choices every day. Why not also think about the logic of sustainability?


Elleci contributes to sustainable production of new-concept street draining asphalts by recycling all discarded sinks. All waste materials derived from Elleci’s industrial process (polystyrene, cardboard, iron, discarded sinks, etc.) are fully recovered so that they can be reused for the production of recycled materials, which are in turn used in the building sector. The recovery of materials and energy from civil and industrial waste in the construction industry represents an excellent alternative in integrated waste management and is a safe solution for the community and the environment, saving non-renewable natural resources and recovering waste under controlled conditions.

ISO14001: 2015

Environmental Management System Certification Demonstrates that the company operates in Italy in an environmentally friendly way, respecting the environment and complying with the relevant legislation. This certification helps to improve our relationship with our planet, as well as reducing costs by reducing waste.

Why buy water?

Just think of the energy needed to produce, disinfect and fill the bottles, and then to transport and store them. A waste of energy that is added, drop by drop, to the final price. There’s only one solution: domestic purification.

What are the main advantages?

  • Money saving for the whole family.
  • Disincentive for the use of PET bottles, with a consequent reduction in product pollution.
  • Safe reuse of the water supplied.
  • Our Green mixers deliver hot/cold water just like a normal mixer and also supply drinking water from a separate distribution system to ensure perfect hygiene.
  • Healthy, safe drinking water directly from the tap.
  • Healthy, safe drinking water from the tap
  • Green mixers with separate drinking water dispenser to provide completely safe, healthy water.