Care and

Maintaining the beauty and functionality of your Elleci product over time is extremely simple. Just wipe the surface every day with water, neutral detergent and a soft cloth, and avoid letting deposits and residue act on the surfaces for long periods.

As an alternative and for a greater effectiveness and prevention, Elleci has studied a range of products for care and maintenance: the Daily line for a correct daily cleaning; the Deep line for incisive periodical operations and the Beauty Protector line to preserve the beauty of the product over time.

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  • Daily Cleaner

    Daily Cleaner

    A line of products designed and manufactured to facilitate routine cleaning and maintain the beauty of Elleci products over time.

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  • Deep Cleaner

    Deep Cleaner

    A line of products designed and manufactured for periodic deep-cleaning operations, developed to take care of every type of material.

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  • Clean Power

    Clean Power

    Detergents suitable for cleaning colored products, designed to clean thoroughly without damaging enamel surfaces. Recommended for kitchen taps and appliances.

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  • Multi Protector

    Multi Protector

    A special product designed to preserve the beauty of composite sinks over time

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Tips and

There is no such thing as timeless beauty without the application of small, simple daily moments of care.

Precisely because we know this to be true, and in order to provide more support for our customers, Elleci has created a series of videos and tutorials on proper daily cleaning and maintenance and on how to deal with minor problems that could arise without proper daily care.

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