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Each Elleci patent is the result of passion and dedication driven by the ultimate goal of finding the best combination of technology, innovation and design.
Elleci’s R&D Department, which is the source of every innovation, incorporates a fully-fledged chemical laboratory equipped for the development and careful formulation of new colors and materials. Continuous innovation of processes and procedures, constant chemical and physical testing of the strength of materials, and advanced chlorimetric testing have enabled the company, over the years, to provide its customers with constantly evolving materials and new color solutions.
Techniques and theories, 30 years of expertise and a profound understanding of materials at Elleci are translated into the development and production of cutting-edge products and technical solutions where the analysis of materials generates new solutions and durable, consistently modern products.

  • GPS system the production system that
    makes a difference

    Elleci revolutionized the technique used to produce composite sinks by devising and patenting the GPS (Granitek Production System), an innovative production system that has become our trademark. It is a system that still stands out in the international industrial landscape as an example of thoroughly Italian excellence.

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  • Does

    This ultracompact material, shaped using the most advanced nanotechnology, is here. Quartz, ceramic particles and a mix of innovative acrylic resins are fused into Keratek through exclusive processes that are able to completely fill the internal structure.

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  • Timeless

    The evolution of Granitek’s formulation gives the surface an even more tactile and visual texture, bringing out the best technical qualities of quartz.

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  • Matt

    Duratek is the full acrylic matt material for the Bathroom.
    The mass-colouring process achieves the perfect fusion of colour and material, creating powerful colour that stands the test of time and an intensity of white that will leave you spellbound.
    The compact, ultra-smooth surface is ideal for a modern, elegant look and feel.

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