For 30 years,
always one step ahead

Elleci is an international company of Italian origin that designs, manufactures and distributes sinks, basins and design accessories for the kitchen and bathroom.

Elleci has its headquarters in Italy for design and production (exclusively ‘Made In Italy’), and wholly owned subsidiaries abroad for marketing and distribution:

Elleci Shanghai | Elleci Polska | Elleci Deutschland | Elleci UK | Elleci Baltic. It is now a leader in Italy and a reliable and recognizable brand for customers around the world.

From a family
to the world

Individual talents and shared dreams trace the path to innovation every day.

In 1992, it was undertaken by Giancarlo Traversa who, with creativity and perseverance, built the foundations of the family business on which a global company is based, led together with his children Graziano, Veronica and Daniele. The corporate identity is woven together by human, family and value-based relationships, always cared for and nourished, thanks to which Elleci today finds its place among the big names in the sector.

Graziano Traversa
Giancarlo Traversa
President & CEO
Veronica Traversa
Daniele Traversa
IT Manager


30 years of passion, tradition, know-how, craftsmanship and experimentation shaped by the forward-looking vision of finished spaces with infinite possibilities and culminating in a product uniquely characterized by extreme functionality and user-friendly design.


Elleci’s success is the result of the commitment and dedication of the entire working team, because only from indisputable qualities can the most innovative ideas be born and developed.

Values that have driven the company from its very beginning and that will continue to underpin its approach to the future.

  • Above

    We aim to go beyond expectations.

    Quality and reliability have been the only way we know for thirty years to build solid and long-lasting relationships, satisfying for all the partners involved.

  • Innovators
    at heart

    We want to achieve unique results.

    Research and advanced technologies are the tools with which we work to improve materials and create products that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

  • Integration

    We offer cutting-edge integrated solutions.

    Modularity, versatility and integration are the principles with which we design high quality components, which can be coordinated with each other or used separately to obtain customized solutions.

  • Beyond

    We evolve every day with our heart and reason.

    Combining intuition, passion and rationality has allowed us to achieve exceptional results; in every project we encourage our collaborators to mix logical rigor, feelings and creativity.

  • Italian

    We combine ideas, design and functionality.

    We are used to facing the challenges of change with inventiveness and lateral thinking to find solutions that have style. With our products we promote modern sensitivity to the beautiful, useful and pleasant.

  • Pioneering

    We anticipate trends and new habits.

    We meet progress and new consumer needs. The basis of our success is the ability to be future-oriented, always one step ahead in offering people inspiration and valuable experiences in everyday life.


Elleci has been recognized for its way of ‘doing business’ and is proud to share its achievements. These include Elleci being identified as a ‘Story of Excellence’, an ambassador of the beauty of Made In Italy as one of the 100 stories of excellence acknowledged by the 100 Eccellenze Italiane award. The company has been recognized by a number of major awards for product design, including the prestigious Red Dot Design given to one of its new Workstation concepts.

Elleci District

A space for ever-evolving ideas

Elleci Factory 1
Historic production plant
Elleci Factory 2
New production plant
Elleci Innovation Center
Permanent research and development laboratory
Elleci Care
Specialized professional assistance center
Elleci Home
Hospitality and training area

The Elleci District, in Pontinia in Lazio, is a specialized and connected ecosystem in which all company departments communicate and collaborate with each other. The heart of the headquarters is the Elleci Innovation Center: a hub of researchers, designers and technicians who work together every day to develop innovative technologies and solutions by combining beauty and functionality, with a common vision aimed at achieving excellence.

The vision for the

Today innovation means responsibility. Elleci bases every corporate choice on three pillars: concrete environmental sustainability, respect for people, transparent and solid financial governance. A mindset that is shared with all stakeholders; a daily commitment for a better world.