All the answers to your questions: practical guides to the installation, use and correct maintenance of your Elleci product.

Elleci sinks are conceived and designed for indoor kitchen environments.

All available spare parts can be purchased from our website elleci.shop.

Contact your reseller and or installer for assistance as they are solely liable for delivery.

No sealant or mastic is used to install the sink on the kitchen worktop. The mounting hooks supplied must be correctly tightened.

All Elleci composite sinks feature a tap hole template at the rear, to be drilled using a 35 mm diamond cutter and a drill. To drill the hole, simply locate the hole template and use the rotary motion of the drill to safely complete the drilling operation. If you do not have a cutter, you can buy one from our website at this link: https://elleci.shop/accessori-e-ricambi-lavelli/punta-trapano-fresa-diamantata-a-tazza-35-mm/

Unfortunately there is no repair kit to restore chipped or scratched parts of the sink.

All Elleci sinks fitted with a drainer are supplied with double pre-drilled holes at the rear on both sides to make the drainer reversible.

Absolutely not. Do not use rubber mats as they retain liquids and act as a direct source of heat if boiling water is spilled, creating indelible bleaching. These types of stains CANNOT be removed.

Hot pans, other hot cooking vessels or coffee makers placed directly on the surface can irreparably damage the sink.