Energy sustainability and integration of machinery in the production process

Elleci continues its commitment to innovation and sustainability. By prioritising the use of technologically advanced machinery, funds received from the “Enterprise and Competitiveness” National Operative Programme are directed towards strategic sectors to facilitate sustainable economic growth. With the optimisation of its industrial processes, Elleci furthers its transition to a circular business model.

Primary objective of the operation

To enhance production capacity thanks to Advanced Manufacturing solutions and 4.0 machinery, and to contribute to energy sustainability with a photovoltaic power system.

Description of the project – aims, expected outcomes and results achieved

Implementation of the investment programme enabled the expansion of the company’s production capacity and the introduction of machinery that meets the criteria of the 4.0 transition plan, as well as contributing to energy sustainability.
In order to increase and improve its production capacity, Elleci S.p.A introduced solutions that enabled the installation throughout the production process of machinery integrated with the company management system, and which aligns with the definition of Advanced Manufacturing Solutions.
The installation of a photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity from renewable sources, and the energy monitoring system, have led to the achievement of the desired results in terms of energy sustainability.

“Funded as part of the EU response to the Covid-19 pandemic”.