#cucistories – Carlotta: the Eclectic

When she decided to go and live on her own, many things frightened her. Mostly, she was scared of taking care of a house on her own, cooking the dishes that her mother had lovingly prepared for her so many times. But, convinced that moving to Verona to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor would be an unmissable opportunity, Carlotta has created a home suited to her every need.

Smart, an intelligent, elegant kitchen, has simplified her life as a student and trainee, making it so much easier to use the kitchen. On that graduation trip to Japan that forever turned her horizons upside down, Carlotta became passionate about the distinctive, imaginative dishes she enjoyed with her travelling companions.

So she developed a passion for cooking delicious, healthy food in her own home. But to do this, she needed tools that are not only efficient, functional and pragmatic but also stylish.

‘When I invite my best friends to my apartment, I want them to feel at home in an environment is comfortable and welcoming. The kitchen is an expression of a very important part of me so it needs to reflect that. With my sink, I can move around comfortably, preparing the fish for sashimi and cleaning the vegetables I need. Everything is perfect in its infinite simplicity. My dinners are always a huge success’.

Living alone has never been so beautiful.